About Me


My name is Matt Repece, fat-loss coach, animal lover, fitness fanatic, and the man behind FitLife Journey.

FitLife Journey was founded on the pursuit of personal development, growth, and mastery in all areas of life that I truly believe link back to two key aspects: health and fitness. If you can gain control of your health and your fitness, I’ve found that everything else falls into place.

I’ve studied, I’ve researched, and I’ve been mentored beneath some of the best in the business, I’ve put in the work myself and achieved results I could have only dreamed of years ago. I’ve used this knowledge to help countless people get themselves in the best shape of their lives and improve upon their habits to facilitate lifelong change and progress.

This is a place to learn, a place to grow, and most importantly, a place to celebrate the beauty and strength of which the body is capable… it might also be a place to post adorable pictures and stores of my pets 🙂