My Favorite Fat Loss Foods

Let’s Talk Groceries?!

Do you do your own grocery shopping? Some people love it. Some people hate it. When I’m dieting, I tend to spend a good bit of time in the grocery store, at least initially. It’s not because I’m slowly walking through the aisles and salivating at all of the foods I’m not “allowed” to eat on my diet. It’s because I’m scanning over all of the choices I’d like to make and choosing the ones that best fit my calorie needs.

However, there comes a time in every diet where you have to give up something fun (fun = calorically dense) for things that are more filling to stave off hunger pangs.

It’s for this reason that I always have a few foods with more volume in my toolbox just in case I get to that point.

This video gives you a glimpse into some of my favorite dieting food mainstays and I hope it sparks something in you to spend a little bit more time in the grocery store to really consider the options available to you.

Hope you enjoy it!